Expanding The Freewheel Industry In South Africa

Manudec (Pty) Ltd are a preferred supplier to all industrial and mining sectors where one-way cam clutches and backstops are used. We stock all types of shaft mounted units such as small needle cam bearings as well as large shaft mounted units for most gearbox brands.

Our Freewheel, Sprag, Backstop & Holdback Clutch Product Line

Combined Bearing Freewheels

Combined Bearing Freewheel
Combined Bearing Freewheels have the recommended option to be equipped with “formchromed” sprags, which increases the overrunning lifespan of the unit.

Built-In Freewheels

Built-In Freewheels
Built-In Freewheels can either be roller or sprag type freewheels that are predominantly non-bearing supported.

Self-Contained Freewheels

Self-Contained Freewheels
Self-Contained Freewheels are sprag or roller type Freewheels which are bearing supported units using integral bearings.

Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags Freewheels

Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags Freewheels
The Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags Freewheel is a Freewheel with the inner race rotating, where only the inner race is designed for freewheeling.

Large Conveyor, Low Speed Holdbacks

Large Conveyor, Low Speed Holdbacks
Large Conveyor, Low Speed Holdbacks, most commonly referred to as a backstop with a torque arm are self-contained and bearing supported.

Custom Application Freewheels

Combined Bearing Freewheel
Not every application or installation is well suited to an off-the-shelf product. Contact us today to discuss your Freewheel, Sprag, Backstop & Clutch requirements.

Equivalents Offered On All Major Brands

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